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Simple reason why you need more to learn your syllubus digitally animated

3D animations have the power to gain your attention for hours together without boring you. And sometimes animations are extremely helpful. They help you show and generate interest in something which you otherwise would not entertain.

Learning is a pretty complicated process, well for many it’s a nightmare. Aspiration and concentration will stand out to be the key for a better learning, followed by understanding and finally remembering. All these go hand in hand.

Have you ever wondered why we forget all the history we have studied in our social classes? But you can easily remember a scene in some animated movie which we have watched long time ago? It’s all in the way we got the information fed into our brain. Interesting/Boring both of these factors rule our learning process as well as memory.


Growing enthusiasm for animated explanation

Animation today are not just confined to movies and video games, the areas of its application are boundless. And one of those areas is Education.

A teacher available all time is what all want

Curiosity to know more about your subject not happens mostly in classroom but when you come accross the realtime application

Increasing proliferation of mobile devices

Smart phone ownership is increasing rapidly and obviously the expectation for integration of learning and daily gadgets increases

Byte Professor - Watch Video

So how does the byte professor attracts attention, engages the learner, and sustains motivation?

The creative potential of animation is enormous, and integrating animation activities into the institution curriculum offers the possibility of tapping this potential to meet a new range of educational objectives.


Why byte professor ?

Our Apps

You can access byte professor in all possible modes. Offline desktop application when your out of bandwidth, web application to access from anywhere and any device, smart phone app to be always in pocket


Learn offline

Bandwidth is not always required to learn

Access byte professor desktop application offline, you have all your syllubus saved in your PC. Learn your courses with animated explanations, virtual tutor, take notes, pin your favourites everything offline.



Sync to your account when you are online.

The app data such as notes, favourites, you saved when you were offline can be synced with your account when you are online.


Download the add ons

Update your desktop app with add ons and software updates

Stay updated with our latest launches, add ons and software updates. Just a click whenever you find a chance to get online would update your app with a lot of knowledge.


Access from anywhere

No restrictions for your Byte Professor experience

You can access byte professor from anywhere with our web application. Just remember your credentials get knowledge from anywhere.


Access from any device

Byte professor is friendly with all gadgets

Whatever may be your gadget you have a browser you have byte professor. Our web application supports any device it may be a PC, Tablet or smart phone the knowledge is yours.



No plugins required for Byte Professor

Byte professor web app is light wieght and plugin independent. Your browser is much sufficient to gain knowledge nothing else.


In your pocket

Byte professor is handy

Carry university in your pocket. Byte professor in the gadget which you love. Smart phone or tab knowledge is with you always


Platform friendly

iOS or android byte professor is yours

Whoever may be your gadget manufacturer we are their friends. Byte professor smart phone app is chisled for both iOS and android lovers.


Save it

Download courses to access offline

Save your favourite courses in your device memory to access offline. We know everything you want.

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If you belive in costly is quality then byte professor will prove you wrong. The animations and visuals of byte professor is beyond your imaginations and you can never know how we gotta deliver such a expensive product almost free to the public

Byte professor launch

We are getting ready for the revoltuion. The insanely great Byte professor will hatch soon and the dates are still not scheduled . Keep visiting us shortly the dates will be anounced. Till that dream about byte professor as possible you could and we will prove we are beyond your imaginations

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